Art alumni make national and international impact- Part 2


Mike Major ’07

There is no doubt that Jesuit provides students with all of the tools and resources necessary to succeed. The art program, in particular, consists of top-notch facilities and experienced teachers who are committed to the program and its students.

With the help of these resources, talented graduates have been able to make both national and international impacts in their professions. Profiled below is the first of many who have applied their passion and talents in the arts to make profound impacts in unique ways. Check back in future editions for profiles on other accomplished Jesuit artists.

Mike Major went on to pursue his career in the arts at Oregon State University post graduation from Jesuit in 2007. After graduating in 2011 from Oregon State with a BFA in Graphic Design, Major immediately began making an impact on the design and business community.

“After working for a while at different agencies, I co-founded men’s clothing brand Wool & Prince with my friend and also a graduate of 2007, Mac Bishop,” Major said. “Our Kickstarter campaign went viral and we landed all over the headlines, including on Oprah.”

Currently a graphic designer at clothing brand Icebreaker Merino and running his own freelance business in his free time, Major utilizes techniques developed while at Jesuit and Oregon State to create original designs and products.

Major’s job at Icebreaker Merino gives Major the opportunity to reach people all across the world through his work on marketing email designs sent to the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, social media, campaigns, and the company website.

“I couldn’t be happier that I get to do what I love,” Major said. “I have a position where I can craft a message that is seen by tens of thousands of people and may influence them in some way, no matter how small.”

Major was always passionate about art and design, so Jesuit provided him with an environment and teachers that were willing to feed his passion.

“Mrs. Fleenor and Mr. Fykes were always there to support me and come up with various projects to satisfy my craving for all things art related,” Major said. “Even when Jesuit itself couldn’t necessarily offer the sort of in-depth fine art focused programs I was looking for, Mrs. Fleenor pointed me in the direction of the JumpstART program at Oregon State University.”

Jesuit’s resources and guidance allowed Major to pursue the career of his dreams.

“I didn’t always know exactly what I wanted to be doing within the art or design field, but I knew that’s what I had to do to be happy,” Major said. “Nothing came to me as naturally as art did.”

After his art classes at Jesuit, Major was able to focus his skills in art and design into a tangible process and career through programs at Oregon State such as the JumpstART program and being accepted for a highly selective internship on campus.

“The facility only employs 2 interns and the interview process was tough with a panel interview of nearly 15 people,” Major said. “The internship taught me invaluable skills about working in a real-world workplace with very specific brand guidelines.”

Most importantly, Major has the opportunity to pursue a career that he is passionate about and that pushes him to improve every day.

“I have lots of creative freedom on interesting projects that range in media, scope, complexity and never get old,” Major said. “I get to work with a team of talented and creative people that push me to grow and learn as well. I love what I am doing.”