Black Friday Pros


Black Friday emphasizes the Christmas season as shoppers surround themselves in festivities.

Stores often delve into the Christmas holiday by selling seasonal decorations and products that encourage shoppers to immerse themselves in the Christmas season. These festive stores make consumers feel a sense of Christmas spirit.

Senior and Black Friday shopper Gabriella Brown admits to these appeals of Black Friday.

“I do consider Black Friday shopping an essential part of getting into the spirit,” said Brown.  “For me it helps mark the beginning of the holiday season”.

Senior Marianna Rojas believes that Black Friday affects the spirit and significance of the season.

“I enjoy that Black Friday sort of marks the start of the Christmas season, which always gets people excited and happy,” said Rojas.

Senior Katerina Small, a Black Friday shopper, confirms the benefits that the sales day offers.

“It’s a good tradition and also it’s at a good time of year when everyone is buying gifts for people that they love; you have to get a lot of gifts and you have to be careful [with] the money,” said Small.

Regardless of its festive appeals, Black Friday is often stereotyped as a consumeristic tradition where shoppers wake up as early as 5 a.m. to violently compete for the best deals. Moreover shoppers are seen as gluttonous consumers buying products with no regard of their impact.

Yet others like Rojas choose to practice conscious consumerism during the hectic day of deals.

“If you’re going to stores you know nothing about and buying things you don’t even care about just because they’re cheap, then I don’t think that’s the best mindset to have,” Rojas said. “However, if you feel like you’re making the most ethical choices possible as a consumer and buying things you genuinely want and will use, then it can be a fun chance to pick up those things with friends and start to get into the holiday spirit”.

Brown stresses the importance of moderation on Black Friday.

“I think Black Friday does help as long as you do not go overboard,” Brown said. “I try to plan out the gifts that I want to buy before going, so I do not get overwhelmed and buy unnecessary things”.