Father Greg Boyle speaks at Jesuit


This month, Father Greg Boyle will visit Jesuit Nov.28 and speak about his work at Homeboy Industries at the Financial Aid Luncheon as well as an assembly for students.

Father Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, an institution which empowers individuals affected by gang violence, was invited to speak to the student body last year; however, due to the death of a close companion from Homeboy Industries, his visit was postponed. Although unfortunate, this circumstance further showed Father Boyle’s commitment to being in community with the people of Homeboy Industries.

As the entire student body was required to read Tattoos on the Heart last year, many students were asked to reflect on their response to the book and what they learned.

“Everybody is inherently good and it’s up to you to work on that good and to show it to everybody else,” freshman Reid Jucar said.

Some students have further reflected on why this book is important and why the school would ask them to read it. Some students believe the book is meant to bridge the social gaps that often occur in high school settings.

“I think it’s important for our school mainly because there’s a lot of drama with preconceived notions of people and [students] don’t always go up to [each other] and get to know [each other],” senior Matt Orfaly said.

Having the entire school read Father Boyle’s book seemed an unusual shift from each grade level reading different books for the summer, so there was some speculation as to the motivation behind this move. The reason was simple: to progress students along their journeys as men and women for others.

“What we hope [students] gain from both reading the book and from hearing Father Boyle is empathy, not just sympathy, as well as a profound belief that with God’s help and with the understanding of what Jesus’ call to love one another, we can make a difference,” Principal Paul Hogan said.