Ideal student schedule



By Katie Kelley,’16

Every student has their own opinion about an ideal schedule. For some, an easier morning and harder afternoon is preferred. Other students favor getting the hardest classes out of the way in the morning and having easier classes after lunch.

At Jesuit, we have a unique schedule that is redundant compared to high schools near us. We are based around a seven period calendar that has 55 minute classes. The average day consists of six classes, lunch and break.

Each class is held four times a week, leaving twenty-eight periods for classes. However, Jesuit has thirty class periods throughout the week, leaving two spots open for non-class periods. Tuesdays are late start which cuts our classes to 50 minutes and eliminates our break on those days. The other day that has only five class periods is Friday. On Friday, we sub mass in for second period.

Many of our neighboring schools use a block schedule. Block schedules consist of shorter classes on Mondays and Tuesdays and ninety minute classes Wednesday through Friday.

I think that the schedule we have at Jesuit is more compatible for students our age. Because as our brain is still developing, we tend to have a shorter attention span for the subjects we are taking. If we take more shorter classes there is more of a possibility of success because our brain has enough time to absorb the material without zoning out in class.

“I prefer harder classes in the morning so that I can get them out of the way,” said senior Isabel Muench.

Many students will agree with Muench on the position she took. Although many students feel that harder classes in the morning would be nice to get out of the way, other students feel overwhelmed when they have all their hard classes at once.

“Last year, I had World History second period and it was hard for me to focus at that point in the day,” said Maggie Clare, sophomore.

A good mix of hard and less straining classes throughout the day seems to be the most successful schedule a student could have. Balanced by lunch and break, students will do better when they have a stable mix of hard classes and easy classes. The change in speed of classes will help students to fully engage to the maximum of their abilities.