Increased Spirit Around Campus



At the beginning of the school year, school President Mr. Arndorfer promised that this would be the greatest year in Jesuit’s history.

One way to make this one of Jesuit’s greatest years is by increasing school spirit. The first test of increasing school spirit takes place during football season. Over the years the attendance at football games can be up and down. One of those reason could be due to the theme of the game, whether a black-out, white-out, or even togas. It can impact a students motivation to attend.

“It’s more about our willingness to go support our team that is more important, rather than color that is chosen,” senior Josh Ramirez said.

Students have shown that the color or theme chosen for the game does not matter.

“I don’t think the theme of the game has anything to do with people coming,” senior Josh Ramirez commented.

So far in the season students have come out and shown support for their fellow Crusaders. Even with the increase in students at home games, the challenge still presents itself with away games. More students are still coming to the games away from Cronin Field, although distance can be a problem for some. Still, we come out and show our support, but just because we’re there doesn’t mean we give 100% in our cheers.

“Bigger turn out at away games does not mean louder cheering,” senior Jack Meier said.

Optional marches can take place before certain games, which prove to be a student favorite. Marches consist of loud cheers, the band playing, and a sea of students flooding into the stadium. All these elements contribute to getting students hype for the game at hand, and ready to cheer on their fellow Crusaders. These marches take place most likely before important games like Central Catholic, or any other rival, along with any playoff game.

“I saw a tremendous amount of participation in the game when we marched from the Gedrose Student Center to Cronin Field,” Mr. Mueller, coach of the freshmen football team analyzed.

Even though Jesuit’s spirit appears to be going up, it begs the question-can it be maintained throughout the year?

“I believe that it can last all year, but it needs to be promoted, Mr. Mueller said. Student government or the cheer team can’t be the only ones leading the school. It needs to be everyone cheering on for the school.”