Joshua Schumacher: Freshman runner finds his home on JHS cross-country team


Mira Petrillo_SmilingBy Mira Petrillo, ’16

Cross country is sometimes construed as individuals running against the clock. One runner, one time. But for Joshua Schumacher,’19, the xc team has become his second family.

“I greatly look up to the upperclassmen such as Max, Logan and Spencer because of how hard they work,” said Schumaucker.

After just a few weeks, the team considers him to be an energizer on and off the field with his work ethic influencing other players.

“I am just really excited to have someone push me to improve,” said Hite.

After his first race, his new teammates congratulated his outstanding performance by carrying him around the field.

Schumacher has risen to number two on the team. He ran a 16:40 5k in his first race as a high-school runner, tailing Hite.

Running is the culture in the Schumacher household. His father, Mr. Jerry Schumacher, is a well-known coach in Portland. He is head-coach of the Bowerman Track Club, a Nike sponsored club for local elite athletes and youth runners. All 4 of the Schumacher kids run for this club, and Joshua greatly looks up to the elite runners.

“I’ve always known I would be a runner,” said Schumacher.

Coach Rothenburger has been aware of Schumacher for a while.

“He is a talented young athlete with experience and family background of running,” said Rothenburger.

Rothenburger looks forward to the upcoming Schumacher kids as well.

Schumacher’s goal this season is to improve, specifically reducing his time to 16 min for his 5K. Through the support of his team, improvement to that extent is possible.

“My main goal is to win a state championship in the next 4 years,” said Schumacher.

Schumacher values the team’s success over his own. Along with Schumacher, there is a few other talented freshmen. Rothenburger sees a good amount of them being all state.