Keanon Lowe returns to Jesuit to coach


Recent alumni, Keanon Lowe ‘10, has returned back to Jesuit as a position coach for the football team.

After four illustrious years of college football at the University of Oregon, Lowe joined the National Football League as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. After a couple of years, he joined the San Francisco 49ers. A recent overhaul in the 49er’s front office caused Keanon to look for a temporary job. He chose to come back to Jesuit.

“I think it’s really cool how Keanon chose to come back to Jesuit of all the other places he could have spent his free year,” senior Sam Meadows said. “It really speaks about his character and love for his school.”

He now serves as the position coach for wide receivers and defensive backs for the varsity team.

“He has a tremendous mind for the game,” head coach Gene Potter said. “His leadership has really helped our young players develop a clearer understanding for the game.”

His vast knowledge for the game stems mostly from experience he has playing for the Jesuit team back in High School, and then the University of Oregon team that went to the National Championship game. He now uses this experience to help mature the young players

“Keanon has helped me develop my physical game a lot, but has really helped me tougher mentally,” senior Tommy Carufel said. “It is really great that someone of this kind of experience helping out my game.”

His mark on young players is mostly due to his connection with them. “Keanon is old enough to demand respect from the players, but young enough to draw out a special connection,” Coach Potter said.

His special connection can be seen about the way he connects with the players. With his younger brother, Trey, on the team, players look up to him. “I think of him like an older brother… someone I respect but also have fun with,” Carufel said.

However, he brings out more to the table than just the physical aspect of the game; he sets a standard for the rest of the players to follow.

“Game in and game out, Keanon sets the perfect example for us both on and off the field,” Carufel said. “We have to represent the school… and Keanon reminds us of the respect we need to show to our school, and opponents,” Carufel said.