Ms. Forde to retire this year


Current Dean of Students Ms. Forde has announced that she will be retiring this spring. Ms. Forde has been a member of the Jesuit community for over twenty years, working as a counselor, Activities Director, Diversity Director and Dean of Students.

“It’s been fun, wild, bumpy and an adventure,” Ms. Forde said when asked to describe her time as a Jesuit educator.

Ms. Forde has touched the lives of thousands of Jesuit students over the years. Her leadership has brought about some of Jesuit’s most treasured traditions such as the Ambassadors program, Coffeehouse and a strong Diversity program, promoting leadership, enthusiasm, and inclusivity at Jesuit.

When current teacher Mrs. Barry, who graduated in 1999, attended Jesuit as a student, Ms. Forde ran student government as the Activities Director. Mrs. Barry was a member of one of the first coed classes at Jesuit and reflects on how Ms. Forde’s mentorship in student government positively impacted her Jesuit experience.

“Jesuit had just gone coed and so it was a very masculine-driven environment,” Mrs. Barry said. “Ms. Forde was one of the few women mentors and she was supportive and very kind. It was tricky to figure out the masculine and feminine dynamic in the class, but she did her best to treat us all with equality. Ms. Forde encouraged us to focus on the true mission of student government- paying attention to serving the student body.”

Ms. Forde and student government work together in order to put on events and implement ideas at Jesuit such as school dances and reforming school policies. Senior Caroline Kelley has been working with Ms. Forde on student government for the past two years and echoes Mrs. Barry’s praise in regards to Ms. Forde’s enthusiastic support.

“After each event we put on, there is a guaranteed drop-in the next day by Ms. Forde thanking us so graciously,” Kelley said. “This stop-by is always unnecessary but the fact that she never fails to do it shows how caring and thoughtful of a person she is.”

In regards to the future, Ms. Forde looks forward to slowing down and enjoying those closest to her.

“It’s kind of unknown. I guess you could say I’m taking a gap year. I’m going to rest, play, clean my house, go to coffee with my friends, get more involved with some of my hobbies, volunteer, and I hope to spend more time with my family- but I’m really going to miss the community here” Ms. Forde said.