New Dean at Jesuit

Mrs. Hagelgans poses in her new office

Mrs. Emily Hagelgans, the new Dean of Students, moved to Portland this July with her husband and daughter from a Jesuit school in Chicago, Cristo Rey, where she was also the Dean of Students.

Mrs. Hagelgans has a substantial amount of experience around Jesuit education, having graduated from a Jesuit college, Xavier, in Cincinnati, Ohio and also having worked at Cristo Rey in Chicago.

Mrs. Hagelgans feels welcomed by the Jesuit community, and her favorite aspect of the school is how it teaches students the Jesuit mission.

“Everybody [at Jesuit] has been super friendly and very welcoming,” Mrs. Hagelgans said. “I really like how much the school tries to help students learn about being men and women for others.”

Although she feels welcomed by the school community, it was difficult for her to leave Chicago.

“The hardest part [about leaving] was probably friends… because they became our family,” Hagelgans said.  “I had been working at [Cristo Rey] for 13 years so I really grew up there and it was part of my extended family, so it was hard to leave those people too.  [But] it [is] exciting for us also to start anew,” Mrs. Hagelgans said.

Despite the challenges, Mrs. Hagelgans is really excited to be in Portland.

“We are excited to be here because a lot of our friends back home want to come visit because [Portland] is a place that’s exciting,” said Mrs. Hagelgans.

Mrs. Hagelgans is not only excited to be in Portland, but also to participate in activities around Jesuit.

“I have always been really excited about retreats and service, I have not been able to as much because my daughter is so young,” she said.  “But [I hope] as my time goes on I can [be involved] in that.”

Working as Dean of Students is not Mrs. Hagelgans’ only hobby.

“[In my] free time I like hanging out with my daughter,” Mrs. Hagelgans said. “Everyday when I get home we like to watch a half-an-hour of ‘Moana’ or ‘Sing’ because those are her favorite movies.  I [also] like to read when I can.”