New Teachers


Jesuit has eleven new staff members this year, including six teachers.

Mrs. Gambee: English

Mrs. Gambee, a substitute last year for two teachers at Jesuit, joined the English department this year full time. Mrs. Gambee had worked at East Side Catholic in Washington for three years teaching English.

Favorite activity so far: “The assemblies. Assemblies are always fun ways to feel the pulse of the school and the excitement.”

Looking forward to: “Always just working with a new group of students.”

Ms. Williams: History

 Ms. Williams joined the History department this year. Williams recently moved to Portland from San Jose, CA. In San Jose she was teaching history at an all-girls Catholic school. When comparing schools, Ms. Williams acknowledged an increase in size and said “There’s male students so that’s different.”

Favorite activity so far: “I helped proctor a women’s soccer game, and I liked the athletic environment, the excitement that people have around going to sports teams and supporting each other. I liked that community piece in the athletic program.”

Looking forward to: “I’m interested in learning about the immersion trips that are available and attending one.

Sra. Calvo: Spanish

Sra. Calvo started in the Spanish department this year. Prior to coming to Jesuit Sra. Calvo worked as a K-8 Spanish teacher at St. Thomas More. Calvo is teaching Spanish One and Spanish Two this year.

Favorite activity so far: “I liked the first assembly when everybody is introduced…and I also really liked the Mass of the Holy Spirit.”

Looking forward to: “I am very excited to be working with teenagers, and being able to be part of their lives.”

Srta. McManamon: Spanish

 Srta. McManamon joined the Spanish department this year. At Seton Catholic in Vancouver, WA, Srta. McManamon taught Spanish. She enjoys watching soccer, which she grew up playing, and doing yoga. Srta. McManamon is teaching Spanish One and Three this year.

 Favorite activity so far: “The first assembly…I really loved the big community atmosphere.”

Looking forward to: “I have started to co-lead the Spanish National Honors Society…and also I am going on OWE in October which I am really looking forward to.”

Ms. Scanlon: Theology

Ms. Scanlon joined the Theology department this year. Before Jesuit, Scanlon taught at Boston College High School. Scanlon said, “Jesuit definitely has more energy,” compared to her last school. She enjoys reading, baking, cooking, and hiking in her free time.

Favorite activity so far: “I really like breaks and liturgy on Friday.”

Looking forward to: “Making it through my first year and picking up what this place is and what it’s about.”

Mr. Danner: Theology

 Mr. Danner joined the Theology department. Previously Danner was teaching at Lewis and Clark College. He enjoys reading and spending time with his family.

Favorite activity so far: “The assemblies, because they are not just pep rallies, they’re also community building and express the mission and identity of the place very clearly.”

Looking forward to: “Learning everyone’s names and possibly going on an Encounter.”