Sophomore Quinn Brink won the 6A wrestling state championship in the 126 lb. category

Quinn Brink being announced as 6A state champion

Jesuit sophomore Quinn Brink won the 6A wrestling state championship in the 126 lb. category.

As Jesuit does not have a wrestling team, Quinn was able to wrestle for Lakeridge through the OSAA rule “A student attending an Oregon private school that is a full member of the Association, which does not offer a particular activity, may represent the public school of Joint Residence of the student and student’s parents, provided that both high school principals agree.” (

During the school season Quinn practices at Lakeridge from 3:00-5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday as well as with his club, All-Phase Wrestling, to practice from 7:00-9:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday. All-Phase Wrestling is a year-round club where Quinn competes for the Elite Level in which individuals “20 & under who will train to be state, regional, national & world champions!” (

With 4+ hours of wrestling school nights balance can be challenging,

“I do a lot of homework in the morning before school and a lot of homework during class time” Quinn said.

When it comes to the school wrestling season Quinn only had to miss two Friday’s for the district and state tournament.

Quinn went undefeated the district tournament and state tournament. Quinn lost one match all season.

Brandon McDonald, Quinn’s coach at Lakeridge High School, previously coached him at the junior high school and is complimentary of the hard work that Quinn displays.

“Quinn absolutely stands out,” McDonald said. “Quinn puts so much extra effort into his technique and his fitness, and it shows every day. He comes into practice at Lakeridge and tries to outwork everyone else in the room”

McDonald is roughly the same size as Quinn which helps training as they can scrap each other for practice.

“Coach Brandon is a great coach, we do scrap at practice and sometimes I get mad because he always beats me. But then he will let me win and I get even more frustrated” Quinn said.

Weight classes usually vary every few years due to new research that comes out, so the 126 lb. class has only been around for two years. Quinn is the first to win this weight class for Lakeridge. This State Champion for wrestling was the first for Lakeridge since 2008.

When asking Quinn if it’s hard that very few people know what he does and the work it takes, he responded like a mature athlete,

“It can be at times, but for me it doesn’t really bother me what other people think because I know all the work I have put in” Quinn said.

In the 1st Place Match for the 6A State Championship in the 126 lb. category, Quinn won over Sprague sophomore Daniel McClung in a 7-4 decision. He finished the season with the record of 37-1.

“I’m still young into my coaching career. I have not had 100s of wrestlers to compare Quinn to. I have, however, been around the sport long enough and have been lucky enough to be around some of the greatest wrestlers in our country. Quinn has every right to know and believe that he can and should reach that same level” McDonald said regarding Quinn’s potential for his future with wrestling.