Students participate in annual drama camp


Camp Caldera is a two-week, overnight camp in which students from various schools collaborate together to produce and perform a musical. It is one part of a large cooperative effort to produce The Young People’s Theatre Project summer show.

Earning a spot in Camp Caldera is competitive, as only 60 spots are available each year. Additionally, returning campers do not have to re-apply which further limits open spots.

“Last year was my first year auditioning and it was way more competitive than I thought it was going to be,” said Danny Murphy ’20. “Camp Caldera accepted only 12 out of the 60 students auditioning.”

Despite the high competition, the audition process is fun and relaxed.

“You must prepare a talent that you can show in under two minutes,” said Sam Majors ’20. “It can be anything you want. Like acting, singing, dancing, or anything else. The ability to chose and perform anything makes it a less stressful process.”

In addition to the drama students, tech students from various schools build the set for the musical about a month prior to the show.

“Once the senior campers return from Camp Caldera, we launch into a fast paced tech week where we scramble to put the finishing touches on the set, learn the show for the first time, and make sure everything is set by opening night,” said Payton Schleh ’19.

The children’s chorus and junior ensemble spend weeks learning their parts and practicing, only doing a full run-through of the show once the drama campers return from Caldera.

“My favorite part of camp is seeing so many people come together at the very end to put on an amazing show,” said Schleh. “There are so many different moving parts to the summer shows and none of them get together until the very, very end.”

The entire process involves singers, dancers, actors, and tech students. There is a place for everyone to get involved in the production of the summer show.

“There are so many different parts to the summer shows,” said Schleh. “The various schools and backgrounds the participants come from brings forth new challenges for us to overcome together, but it is also one of my favorite parts because I get to meet so many awesome people”.

Camp Caldera allows drama students to immerse completely into the musical production. The students are working on it for two weeks, up to six hours each day. The fourteen days are filled with fun games, new friendships, and a lot of hard work on the show.

“Camp Caldera is the number one highlight of my year,” said Majors. “It is my second family and is full of so many amazing, loving, and talented people. I’ve met some of my very best friends there and I can’t wait to go back this summer.”

Camp Caldera’s musical is annually performed in the Jesuit Moyer Theatre near the end of summer. Keep your eye out for ticket sales on the Jesuit website: