Thank you Mr. Gladstone


Dear Mr. Gladstone,

The Jesuit Crusader would like to thank you for your 11 years of dedication and service to Jesuit. We are grateful for your involvement within Jesuit education for 49 years and every impact you have made within and outside of the Jesuit community.

Mr. Gladstone, you truly embody and fulfill the Jesuit mission statement of being a man for and with others. You integrate Ignatian values into your daily life and model a profile of various aspects that many students, faculty, and alumni aspire to become. A fellow classmate, senior Patrick Quinn, told us of his first encounter with you, which has become a special memory for him:

“When I first met Mr. Gladstone, I was an overwhelmed junior about a week out from my first hip surgery,” Quinn said. “I stepped into his office one Wednesday morning at break and immediately met a man who I can now call a friend for the rest of my life. Mr. Gladstone is a loving man who cares so much about others, that he would do anything for them. There is not and will never be a more humble, charismatic, and selfless leader of the Jesuit community than Mr. John Gladstone.”

You continually demonstrate your love to the Jesuit community; whether it be through writing personal letters, emails, or making phone calls, your outreach to the students and members to Jesuit exemplify a caring and compassionate individual. Your caring, selfless, and exuberant persona radiates through the smile of every student you interact with.

“Every time he sees me, Mr. Gladstone always greets me by name, during the sign of peace at Mass, after a performance in a play, anywhere,” senior Claire Marieb said. “He’s such a positive, supportive, kind-hearted person that never fails to make me smile. He has encouraged me to do things I never thought I could do, and because of him, I have evolved into who I am today.”

Mr. Gladstone, as students, we extremely appreciate every interaction and connection you make with us on a daily basis. Each time you encounter a student, your interaction goes deeper than surface level conversation. You make each moment personable and memorable; you are motivational and an inspiration to many.

In addition to showing your concern for the current Jesuit student body, you have sparked the onset of many projects and long-term strategic plans, ensuring a future for many generations of students to come. Communications Director, Erika Tuenge, further elaborated on the amazing person the faculty and administration work with each day:

“Mr. Gladstone is a visionary,” Tuenge said. “He spent many years planning and helping with the purchase of the Valley Plaza, he exemplifies the mission of the school and provides for future generations.”

You also focus on the demands of the current student population, specifically student financial aid. The endowment fund for financial aid, started by you and your wife Gina, has lent itself to making a profound impact on many families.

“The Gladstone’s endowment immediately affects the community and provides for future generations. It maintains who we are as a school, and ties in with our mission statement,” Tuenge said. “Keeping Jesuit affordable is a key goal and passion for Mr. Gladstone, he has done so much and is a huge asset to the community. He’s an incredible leader and we are really going to miss him.”

According to Tuenge, one in four families that attend Jesuit receive financial aid. Your dedication and work on the endowment has led a large movement toward helping families afford Jesuit, and for this, we cannot express our gratitude enough. Due to your efforts and success in fundraising, you have helped the financial aid pool increase three times the original amount.

Along with financial aid, you emphasize the importance of school diversity. Since 2005, diversity has significantly increased from 17 to 30 percent. Your strong belief in having a diverse student and faculty population, has provided several students with the opportunity to develop and thrive.

“Mr. Gladstone is a role model that I look up to,” junior Josh DeKlotz said. “He cares about everyone personally, is deeply rooted in faith, humility, thoughtfulness, and has a strong commitment to others. He has several qualities that I strive to emulate.”

Multiple students, faculty, and administrators who have had the chance to interact with you can attest to the large impact you have made and your genuine, compassionate character. You cultivate a loving, open environment in which students can learn to grow and make long-lasting effects beyond the Jesuit community, to create a better world. The copious amounts of gratitude the community wishes to express to you for all you have done, simply cannot be put into words.

“Before I attended Jesuit, I’d always heard about the great Mr. Gladstone and what an authentic, caring man he was. It wasn’t until a couple weeks into school that I was able to experience this firsthand,” freshman Clara Ganz said. “On a Friday morning, right before mass started, Mr. Gladstone walked up to me and two of my friends, warmly inviting the three of us to sit up in the front of the gym with him. It was an honor to sit with him. In that moment it proved everything anyone had ever said about Mr. Gladstone to be true in my mind when he invited me into the welcoming Jesuit community at mass that one day. It’s the small things he does that sets Mr. Gladstone apart from the rest.”

Mr. Gladstone, thank you for your devotion and service to Jesuit. Thank you for every conversation you have held with students, faculty, alumni, parents, and administrators. Thank you for positively shaping each adolescent that enters and leaves Jesuit, and for making an astounding impact on the lives of others.

“Mr. Gladstone is that Jesuit that everyone talks about,” senior Alzena Henry said. “He’s the community, the love, the working toward social justice; he’s everything.”


The Jesuit Crusader Newspaper, and probably every individual who has set foot on Jesuit’s campus