The Bachelor: Week 10 Recap


It’s week 10 of the Bachelor, and we’re getting down to the wire. With only three women remaining, Nick has a rough decision to make.

This week’s episode kicks off with the morning after Nick and Raven’s fantasy suite date. Raven seems quite pleased with how the date went, but don’t place your bets yet, Bachelor fans, because we still have two more dates to go.

Nick takes Rachel cross-country skiing, definitely one of the more obscure athletic endeavors the producers could have chosen. Rachel falls all over the icy terrain, just as she is falling for Nick. They arrive at a petting zoo of sorts, and begin feeding reindeer, which we up to this point thought were fictional. Then, they venture into some sort of tent/teepee/yurt to escape the cold. The date continues with a reindeer sleigh ride, which was honestly kind of offensive considering it’s a sacred privilege reserved for Santa and Santa alone.

They enjoy a romantic dinner, and they choose to forgo their individual rooms, just as they consistently forgo the delicious food placed in front of them for every meal. Anyway, Rachel decides that it’s time to spill the beans: she is falling in love with Nick!

Rachel and Nick spend the night together in the fantasy suite, and in the morning, Nick attempts to make eggs. He just cracks them open and puts them straight into the pan. That is not correct! He then departs, leaving Rachel with an unsatisfactory breakfast and the knowledge that he is about to spend the night with another woman. How romantic!

Nick goes on his way to spend the day with Vanessa. They partake in a seemingly unsafe activity, running from a sauna to an ice bath and back again. We’re having trouble understanding why the producers would decide to put this kind of strain on Nick’s heart when it’s already split in three directions.

Thankfully, Nick and Vanessa have time to recover from the harrowing shifts in temperature when they lounge in a hot tub while it snows around them.

They have a difficult conversation as they try to decide where they would live if they ended up together. Nick is hesitant about moving to Canada. Um, have y’all seen Justin Trudeau? If we had the opportunity, we would for sure move to Canada just to have the chance to see him on the street. Maybe Nick is sensing some competition from the iconic prime minister, which we would understand. They exchange nationalistic remarks, it appears that they have reached a deadlock.

Nonetheless, Nick and Vanessa decide to spend the night in the fantasy suite, and it seems that the harsh feelings have worn off by the morning.

At the rose ceremony, Nick sends Rachel home. We act shocked, but we saw this coming when they announced a few weeks ago that she was going to be the next Bachelorette. Not the best marketing strategy, but that’s none of our business.

That’s all for this episode. Check back next week for a very special finale recap!


Andrea, Josie and Natalie