The New Jesuit Website

The new Jesuit home-page

The Jesuit High School website update has officially been released after six months of planning, making the website more user friendly and allowing for increased versatility in the future.

Erika Tuenge, the Communications Director for Jesuit High School, stated a primary catalyst for the website update revolved around improved responsive design.

“About forty-four percent of the traffic to our website is mobile, and when accessing the website from those mobile devices, users had to zoom in to read the text that was not programmed to fit their smaller screens,” Tuenge said. “The website will now conform and stack itself appropriately, [which] will make it more friendly on all of the mobile devices”

Tuenge also revealed that the website’s responsive design enables forms to appear properly across mobile devices.

“When using mobile devices [people] tend to want to access forms quickly, and we have a lot of online forms on our website that look really good on mobile platforms,” Tuenge said.

Senior Peter Nguyen affirmed that the update successfully displayed both links and forms through his iPad.

“[I] mainly go to counseling advice pages to get to family connections or other college related links,” Nguyen said. “The website now looks nice, [and] the new pictures compliment it well.” Tuenge further indicated that the update allowed for reorganization across the website.

“[The update] gave us a chance to reorganize a lot of the pages [and] consolidate a lot of text in a logical fashion, which is very important to us,” Tuenge said.

The newfound concision did not go unnoticed for senior Niki Lalwani.

“I really like the added clarity of the new website when looking at the different tabs and pictures that delineate everything,” Lalwani said.

Tuenge also noted that the drop down menus were altered during the update for the convenience and clarity of users.

“A focus of the update [was] the mega-menus with the descriptions about different areas of our school and what we stand for,” Tuenge said. “I think the changes to the parents, students, faculty, and alumni tabs [help] make it really easy for each person to find information most pertinent to themself.”

Tuenge additionally expressed excitement for the future capabilities of the new website.

“Composer, an editing framework for the website, makes the website even more robust for us, and in the future allows us to add more design elements to specific tabs such as videos or photos,” Tuenge said.