The Pulse–Student Health

What is The Pulse?

Welcome to The Pulse! When I was a sophomore, I noticed that many students lived with health issues that they openly discussed with others and this generated many questions that often went unanswered between friends. I found myself researching some of these health issues online and it occurred to me that these problems were hardly rare or unique. I realized that a health resource for JHS students in the form of a newsletter and the ability to respond or ask questions would be a useful forum for discussion. Although every sophomore is required to take a health class, I felt that as a Jesuit community, we could create an outlet to share knowledge on current health issues that could affect many of us in the future. Our health is one of the most important aspects of our lives and I believe that to be informed is to be prepared, prepared to deal with personal health, prepared to understand, and in some cases, empathize with others who are dealing with health issues. 
          After months of planning, I was very happy to express my gratitude for the support offered by peers, teachers, and faculty who encouraged me to plan and release this newsletter. I hope this resource serves as a forum for students to get involved and to address any concerns or questions regarding health. Go Saders! 

                        –Nikita Lalwani ’18

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