What science teachers do over the summer

Chemistry teacher Mr. Feebeck gets ready for a great summer

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and tired students inevitably spend copious amounts of their time daydreaming of summer plans, both in and out of class.
However, cursory conversation with any given teacher quickly reveals that students aren’t the only ones using the promise of sunshine and barbecues to get through finals.

The idea of teachers being anyplace other than school is novel to many students. Oftentimes referred to as the place where a teacher lives, classrooms seem to be the only place a teacher truly belongs.

So what exactly do teachers do over the summer? One intrepid reporter ventured into the chemical-laden labs of upper Elorriaga to find out.

“This summer, I’m gonna go underwater diving, and I’m gonna swim with the octopuses,” said biology teacher Dr. Lara Shamieh. “I’m gonna put on a…I don’t know what it’s called, a wetsuit? Whatever, a something-suit….it’s gonna be so fun! Now I just have to learn how to swim and get over my fear of putting my face in the water!”

Shamieh’s octo-centric summer plans stem from her famous love for all octopi, a love she says was cultivated through one of her graduate school professors.

“I just love animals that are so cool,” Shamieh said. “They have eight legs! And they slime around, but they’re brilliant! They hold grudges…what’s cooler than that?”

In any case, Shamieh isn’t the only biology teacher planning to hit the waves this summer; Mr. Brad Schaal also plans to pursue some watery fun in the wilds of eastern Oregon.

“I’m going to take a vacation after school is out, go fishing,” said Schaal. “My favorite thing about fishing [is] catching fish. The thing about fishing is you never know how big a fish you’re going to catch! Sometimes it’s gonna be a big [fish], sometimes it’s gonna be a small [fish]… just catching [fish] is fun.”

Schaal explains he also plans to do some yard work, host family in August, and hang out on the Jesuit campus over the summer. Aside from his highly anticipated fishing adventures in East Lake, he’ll be teaching Jesuit’s summer intro to physics and intro to chemistry classes.

Speaking of chemistry, man of che(mystery) Mr. Darrell Feebeck was quite enigmatic concerning his seemingly sinister summer plans.

“First of all, dispelling rumors: contrary to popular belief, I don’t go the route of Walter White over the summer,” Feebeck said. “I may, however, spend a lot of time in my underground laboratory that the students all know that I have at home, working on devious plots. The rest of the summer, I’ll probably spend in my recording studio, making music and adding to those tattoos students always ask to see.”

Aside from taking over the world using his newly developed, top secret chemical creations, Feebeck is also excited to welcome Erin Feebeck, ‘15, home for the summer.